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Lack of Customer Database and Loyalty Program


Christofle Silver Club Loyalty Program

Case Study

Christofle is a well known brand with a network of retail stores in the major luxury shopping avenues and luxury malls. Like many European brands, the company had been slow to develop database marketing programs. In order to better understand the purchase habits of its best customers a new POS system was installed to collect and track consumer purchases. In the first year a database of 30,000 customers was created.

An analysis of consumer spending confirmed that a small percentage of clients generated approximately 50% of all retail sales. In order to reward and build loyalty amongst this small group of VIP customers a new loyalty program called the Christofle Silver Club was introduced. Club members were given special privileges and rewards. The program allowed customers to earn points from purchases and use these to achieve rewards and discounts on product purchases. Revenues from this group grew steadily providing a new emphasis and impetus to retail sales growth.

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