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Launch of Direct Mail Catalog and E-Commerce Web Site

Case Study

Fauchon is a very well known brand in Europe. In the US it has a passionate following from those who know the brand from their visits to Paris. The US business was limited to a flagship store in New York and distribution in Neiman Marcus. In order to capitalize on the brand's potential and to make it more widely available to its loyal clientele an integrated direct marketing program was introduced.

The program included the implementation of a new POS system to allow for the collection of customer addresses. This customer list combined with other targeted luxury lists were used to launch a new direct mail catalog. Simultaneously a new e-commerce web site was launched and traffic was driven to the site through online advertising and search engine optimization. First year results produced revenues in excess of sales in a typical store. Revenues more than doubled in the second year.

Fauchon e-Commerce website
Fauchon e-Mail Promotion
Fauchon Gift Basket