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GenSpring Family Offices


Need for New Identity to be Reflected in New Offices


Innovative Design of New Offices

Case Study

GenSpring Family Offices which was previously known as Asset Management Advisors, serves several hundred of the nation's highest net worth families with a full suite of wealth management services. The existing name did not adequately reflect the firm's unique services and qualities. Luxury Solutions worked with the company on a culture study and an exercise to develop a new brand and positioning. We also developed the strategy and implementation of a new office design to reflect the firm's distinct differences with the financial services industry

The new office, located in the former Rockefeller apartments in New York, evokes a casual and understated elegance. The primary meeting space is known as the library rather than a conference room. All the furniture was custom designed and the materials are all natural incorporating stone and bamboo. The color schemes are modern and refined yet comfortable. Luxury Solutions was responsible for developing the concept, identifying the space to lease and hiring the architect and design team to build out the space. The unique design was featured in the New York Times. The same design scheme was extended to the firm's corporate headquarters in Palm Beach.

Genspring Offices