Video Market Research


Because luxury goods are artistic and creative, their inherent qualities and benefits are often intangible and cannot be easily measured or quantified. Quantitative research is rarely appropriate or rich enough to to discern the subtleties of luxury consumer responses. Traditional approaches such as focus groups are expensive, time consuming and often biased.

luxeVU now provides marketers with a powerful new platform to literally see and hear the voice of their HNW luxury customers. Leveraging technology pioneered by 24tru , luxeVU collects consumer video responses across the globe via smartphones and web cams through a proprietary participant app. Responses are transcribed, reviewed and edited to provide luxury marketers with highlight reels of the most poignant consumer reactions that bring rich, compelling and truthful new insights to light. The platform is proven and has been utilized in hundreds of global studies for many of the world’s leading consumer products companies. .

Video Research - The Face & Voice of the Consumer

luxeVU Video Market Research connects you with consumers anywhere and at any time. It allows respondents to share their thoughts via video from home, at work, or even while shopping, through the use of web cams and smart phones. Our platform allows you to gather direct, personalized and timely feedback on your products and services at a cost which is competitive with and often lower than the cost of focus groups. Our video reports provide management with first hand, voice of the consumer, edited feedback and deliver superior intrinsic insights in ways no written report ever could. Our technology allows you to search video responses for key comments, phrases or insights and create clips of these key insights for your management reports.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Study Set-Up
  • Step 2 Video Collection
  • Step 3 Analysis & Report
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