Our Process

Step 1

Study Set-Up

Once we determine the objective of your video research project, we provide full start-to-finish project management support, including set-up, participant recruitment and enlistment, unlimited technical support and customized online video research reports - and we do it all faster and for about one-third of the cost of a typical focus group.

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Step 2

Video Collection

Consumers participate in our studies via webcams on their home computers or laptops or via our apps for mobile devices. The process is easy and intuitive allowing consumers to answer questions from home, work, or even on the go. Our apps enable consumer-driven ethnographic studies that are more powerful and cost-effective than traditional methods.

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Step 3

Analysis & Report

Our analysis and reports are unlike typical qualitative research reports. The difference is the video! We transcribe all video responses so they can be sorted by key words or phrases. We then provide you with clips of the key findings across respondents. Our video clip playlists are easily combined with PowerPoint reports and delivered online to provide easy accessibility.